Boxy Tote Leather Medium Project Bag – Pink Champagne – Cosmetic Problem

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This version has a cosmetic problem. When making the bag the stitching was not done correctly, so I unstitched the whole side, punched new holes in the affected area and re-sewed it by hand to fix the error. Due to the placement of this error and them not being at a high stress area I do not envisage these stitches to come apart. If anything does unravel from the bag I am happy to receive it back to repair or exchange if necessary.

The MEDIUM Boxy Tote Project Bag is something I designed to house your knitting or crochet project. This bag is perfect for a two skein project.

The design is such that both the Medium and Large sizes of the boxy tote bags all have the same dimensions of the front and back panel where the pockets are, the only part that changes is the side and base panel width. The medium measures 6″ deep and the large measures 8″ deep.

This bag is made using new chrome tan raspberry red, shimmery champagne and navy leather. It is beautiful combination of leathers that are so classy. The pops of champagne leather as the internal dee ring and snap tag elevate the beauty.

The front panel boasts an outside sewn pocket. The back panel has both an inside pocket with five divided sections approximately 1 1/2 inches wide. The outside of this panel features a pocket that spans the width of the bag.

There is a Her Leather Co leather tag with a snap that can unsnap. This allows you to thread yarn through and then be able to undo if necessary. There are two navy leather handles measuring 3/4″ width and 15 inches long. These are attached to the main bag with brass rivets.

If you are looking for a medium project bag head here, or a different large project bag please visit here.


Width 8 1/2 inches
Depth 6 inches
Height 8 1/2 inches

Height of Handles
5 1/2 inches

Typical characteristics found in natural leather, including and not limited to: scrapes and healed scars, fat wrinkles, skin blemishes and bug bites, colour and grain variation

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Weight 450 g
Dimensions 38 × 24 × 4 cm


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