Limited EMERALD Leather Bases To Make Three Crochet Baskets


Limited Quantities of this Emerald Leather

I present to you my ever popular leather bases but in limited quantities of this emerald green leather.

The idea for these leather bases came from seeing the wooden ones. However I wanted an option that was not rigid, instead beautifully tactile yet still sturdy and elegant.

In this listing you will find the Trio of 3″, 5″ and 7″ leather bases as well as each of those as singles. I have also written my very first crochet pattern using a simple single crochet stitch. The pattern is available by joining my mailing list.

I have also made a video on YouTube to show you visually how to crochet a basket using my 3″ leather base. It takes you through the process in a simple and easy to do way.

I have also designed and made end stitch covers. They are a beautiful way to finish off the item you made and give it that professional touch. I have put together sets of three covers in an array of colour combinations.  Please head here to choose your set. These end stitch covers can be used for many different projects.

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Leather bases:

  • 3″ diameter
  • 5″ diameter
  • 7″ diameter

Trio of Leather bases:

3″, 5″, 7″ diameters

  • The emerald leather is new leather.
  • The leather bases may have words stamped on the backside from the manufacturer indicating who processed it or how big the size of the hide was. If you prefer not to receive leather with such markings please indicate during checkout and I will check each item to ensure none are present.
  • Typical characteristics found in natural leather, including and not limited to: scrapes, healed scars, fat wrinkles, skin blemishes, bug bites, colour and grain variation
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Trio 3", 5" 7", Single 3", Single 5", Single 7"


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